We are now approaching the end of the season and so it’s important to clarify the situation regarding National Age Groups Divisions One and Two:

To swim in either meet you must achieve the qualifying time in each particular race at an electronic timed event, based on year of birth and not age on the day as before. Some times have been reduced also having the effect that Division 1 is much harder to qualify. You can confirm your times on the Swim Ireland database by clicking on this link

Ashley Godden, KK Swimming Club Gala Secretary, will not be confirming swimmers’ times in advance of entries.

There are 3 remaining opportunities to achieve these times:

1. Leinster Division 1 Age Groups June 3rd-5th – closing date Friday May 20th.
2. NAC Long course Gala June 12th – closing date May Friday 26th.
3. Wexford Last Chance June 19th – details to be announced and subject to change.

The closing dates will be run as close as possible to the host closing date and as such there will be no late entries accepted. Only entries in the box with form and payment will be considered, without exception.

The National Meets are as follows:

1. IAG Division 2 June 30th – July 3rd – closing date Monday June 6th.
2. IAG Championships and Summer Open (Division 1) – July 20th-24th – closing date Monday June 20th.

If you are eligible for Division 1 you cannot swim in Division 2 at all.

Those that hope to make a Division 1 time should enter the meets up until the deadline of Division 1 (i.e. Wexford Last Chance) and should enter Division 2 if they are eligible regardless. We can then cancel their Division 2 entries in the happy eventuality that they make Division 1. Swim Ireland do not accept late entries and so a gamble not to enter Division 2 with a failure to make Division 1 is your choice and cannot be rectified. Please see current eligibility and gala information by clicking on the links below:-

Irish Age Group Division 2 Eligibility

Irish Age Group Division Two Information

Irish Age Group Division One Eligibility

Irish Age Group Division One Information