During the two main National Competitions in 2015 (IAG Division 2 and the IAG Championships & Summer Open) athletes, coaches, team managers, parents and all other spectators were given the opportunity to give feedback on the running of the events. On behalf of the Swim Ireland Events team I would like to that all of those that completed the feedback forms and have passed on any specific comments to those involved.

This feedback has all been collated and taken on board with some changes introduced for the 2015/2016 season – some of these changes you may have noticed in the Club & Coaches Handbook such as the amending of qualification standards and separate finals for the older age groups. Other items that were commonly raised are addressed in this document Common feedback points
See the document here Rationale for changes to the structure of age group criteria that outlines the rationale behind the decision to change from age on day to year of birth for the two competitions next summer.