ROTA: Leinster Development Meet #2 (Level 2), NAC, Abbottstown, Dublin 15, Sunday January 26th, 2020

Team Managers

Morning Session: Parent of Daran Yalnazov

Afternoon Session: Parent of Brendan Pretorious

Warmup Schedule

Parking Arraangements

Important NOTES:

A Team Manager Briefing will be held at 8.15AM and a representative of Kilkenny Swimming Club needs to attend to this 10 min briefing.

Typically the Team Manager Role is as follows:
1. About 30 minutes before session officially starts go down on deck and get “Heat Sheets”
2. Normally we highlight ALL “KILK” entries (Kilkenny Swimmers)
3. Ensure ALL swimmers are there, as per heat sheets
4. Give the Heat and Lane Numbers to the Swimmers for their events (Write them on their hands)
5. Ensure ALL swimmers are down at lineup 15 minutes before their event

– There are some experienced Parents there so if unsure just ask!