Welcome to the 2018/19 Leinster swimming season!

The first two Leinster Swimming competitions will take place on Sunday Sept 30th (Development Meet, Level Two) and the weekend of Oct 13th / 14th (Qualifying Meet, Level Three). These are both short-course swimming meets.

Leinster September Development Meet Sept 30th.

The September Development Meet is focused on swimmers who have competed at a couple of club galas and are ready to make the step up to regional competition. The Qualifying Times, which are age-related, are “Slower Than” and are specified in the gala information. Entry times should be provided for all entries. Times achieved at this meet can be used to progress to the Leinster Qualifying Meet and the Leinster SC Championship in November. This Development Meet replaces the old “Graded Gala” and Leinster Swimming will continue to present wristbands to all swimmers who achieve times equivalent to Grade 7 or better. Graded times are not age-related.

Leinster October Qualifying Meet Oct 13th / 14th.

The October Qualifying Meet will allow swimmers to acquire times that qualify them for the Irish National SC Championship. Building on the old “Distance Gala” a full range of Olympic events is offered at this gala, which for the first time has been extended to two days. The Consideration Times for this gala are “Faster Than”, are age-related, and are specified in the gala documentation. Times submitted which are outside the CTs may be used to fill heats etc where time and space allows. However all entries must have an entry time – NTs will be rejected.

Drinking Water.

As an environment-friendly measure, Leinster Swimming will no longer distribute bottled water to timekeepers / officials / coaches. Instead, a water cooler will be provided in the call-room. Timekeepers, officials and coaches are requested to bring their own water bottles with them and are welcome to re-fill them at the water cooler as required.

Looking forward to seeing you back in the NAC on Sept 30th!

Ger Fleming

Gala Sec

Leinster Swimming