Please see AMENDED details of the “Leinster Open Qualifying Gala” for the start of the year 2018 HERE. This Gala will be held in the “NAC Dublin” from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st of January 2018.

NOTE from Leinster Swimming:
We have had a number of queries as to why there are only Boys 1500m and Girls 800m events at the forthcoming Leinster Gala on Jan 19th – 21st, and not also Girls 1500m and Boys 800m events./ These latter events will be offered at the Leinster Distance /Qualifying Gala on Feb 4th.

However, this latter date is too late to allow qualification through to the Dave McCullagh gala in mid-February. To assist swimmers who are aiming for the McCullagh Gala, Leinster Swimming have decided to change events 11 and 12 in the Open Qulaifying Gala to be Mixed events, to allow both Girls and Boys compete in the 1500m and 800m events.

Rather than change the Hy-Tek gala set-up files, coaches and gala secretaries should notify of the names of any girls who wish to enter the 1500m, or boys who want to compete at 800m. These should only be swimmers who are attempting to gain times for the McCullagh gala; others should enter the long distance events on Feb 4th. In any case, all swimmers whose names are put forward for these two events must have achieved the “Performance” time standard as indicated in the gala documentation.

Leinster Swimming will fit as many long-distance heats in as possible, up to a maximum of three heats of 1500m and six heats on 800m. These swims will be held on the evening of Friday Jan 19th.

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