UPDATED (20/10/19) – Leinster Short-Course Championship Meet (Level 4) 2019, NAC Dublin, November 1st to November 3rd

Meet Information: Leinster Short-Course Championship Meet (Level 4) 2019
This will be held in the National Aquatic Centre, Abbottstown, Dublin from Friday November 1st to Sunday Novemebr 3rd, 2019.

**NOTE 1:
Both Qualification Times and Consideration Times will be used for this Meet. Swimmers who have achieved the Qualification Times in any event are guaranteed entry into those events. Swimmers who have achieved Consideration Times in any event may be accepted for entry into those events, where time availability allows. QTs and CTs below are provided for SC times, however conversions from LC times will be accepted, and the Hy-Tek meet file will convert as appropriate

**Note 2:
This gala will be run under FINA rules. In particular, please note that the regulations relating to FINA-approved swimsuits will be enforced.

SC Converted times means: Long Course times will be converted to an equivalent Short Course time and used if faster than an actual short course time. This maximises the oppurtunity for event eligibility.


**NOTE: For Kilkenny Swimming Club Members ONLY!

All Kilkenny entries must be received by 10.30am on 23-10-2019.
No late entries will be accepted.

**NOTE: If a swimmer is scratched from an event in a gala after the entry deadline date there will be NO REFUND.