Kilkenny Swimming Club Spring Gala Saturday 2nd May 2015

The Kilkenny Swimming Club Spring Gala will take place on Saturday 2nd May in The Watershed

Entries on a club form, in club box, with payment (cheques to Kilkenny Swimming Club)

The closing date for this gala is Tuesday 28th April 2015 5pm and please note the below:-

  • Entries processed only if received in the club box by 5pm on deadline day
  • Entries without payment will not be accepted
  • Entries without a Swim Ireland number will not be accepted
  • No email or text entries accepted as these are without payment
  • Entries sent directly to the hosting club will not be processed by Kilkenny Swimming Club

Download more information Kilkenny Spring Gala May 2015 Document (please note that the closing date is listed incorrectly on this document) and a gala entry form Kilkenny Swimming Club Gala Entry Form