IMPORTANT: Laois Swimming Club – Winter Fun Gala (Level 1) – November 30th, 2019

The LAOIS MARLINS Winter Gala is heavily over subscribed. Apologies up front for the following inconvenience but it is out of our hands…

We’ve been asked by the Laois Marlins Gala Secretary to reduce the number of entered events per swimmer to 3 maximum. For swimmers this applies to please note following:

1. All entries into greater than 3 events will be reduced to 3 events. You will be refunded the balance.
2. Check listing of events PROVISIONALLY Entered.
Provisional Entries: Laois Marlins Winter Fun Gala (Level 1)

3. The 200IM Event will NOT be run. Anyone who entered this event has been removed from this event and will be refunded.

4. See EXCEPTIONS List – Swimmers removed from Events coloured YELLOW


5. For those on the EXCEPTIONS List, if your events are less than 3 entered as a result of the 200IM being removed – We can either refund you or enter you into another event (once you don’t exceed 3 events).
NOTE: Only emails about this sent to will be accepted!!! No other communication method accepted. Would have to have email by Tuesday evening.