Covid App - Swim Ireland

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A web app to manage contact tracing for Kilkenny swimming club. In line with Swim Ireland guidelines. The app provides verification and tracing in a fast and simple manner.

How does it work?

The swimmer or person attending training or any other club event registers on their own phone.
This occurs every time they attend a session and takes less than 30 seconds the first time and a few seconds from then on. The COVID questions must be answered each time and registration can only be done on the day of attendance.
No login is required to register. The COVID officer(s) then digitally verifies attendance at the club using their management login so they can see who has registered. Verifying takes less than a second per person. 
Should anyone later require tracing it is easy to search and filter the data to find who was at the club at the
designated date and time.
Because it is a website it works on any phone, computer, iPad, etc. that has an internet connection.

Covid Officer login