Relay Team Selection Procedure

It is Club policy that the relay team selected will always be the strongest available. Where possible and, if available, swimmer numbers justify, more than one relay team will be entered. Relay teams are selected by the Coach. In the absence of the Coach, the team will be selected according to Club criteria by the Team Manager. Swimmers who fail to make themselves available for an earlier team event may be disregarded. To facilitate selection, all swimmers must report to the Coach/Team Manager on arrival and notify them of departure.

Individual Stroke Relays

The Team shall comprise the four fastest swimmers who otherwise comply with the requirements of the event. The following shall be the procedure for evaluating the above:-

  1.   Performance at the same stroke and distance at the Gala
  2. Performance at the same stroke at the next closest distance at the Gala
  3. Official personal best time according to the latest edition available prior to the Gala where a sufficient number of swimmers do not have times according to 1, 2 or 3 above, the team will be selected by the Coach or the Team Manager

Medley Team Relays

The team shall be selected based on the above criteria, but to give the lowest combined time