Gala Protocol

Remember that you are representing your Club and that your behaviour should always reflect the Club’s good image and reputation. You should always follow the Coach and Team Manager’s instructions and let the Team Manager know when you are leaving the main group. You should try your best in all your events. Damage to property, unacceptable behaviour, refusal to do as instructed, unauthorised absences from the group or other forms of insubordination may result in suspension for the remainder of the gala and other possible punishment before being allowed to training sessions.
Some things you should bring with you to galas:-

  • Water or sugar-free soft drinks
  • Kilkenny swimming hat
  • Swimming togs and change of swimming togs
  • Plastic bags for wet gear
  • Flip flops or others poolside shoes
  • Club gear
  • Towels
  • Spare goggles
  • Food