Leinster/National Gala Duties

To enable Leinster and Swim Ireland run Galas they require the co-operation of all Clubs and the support of many individuals.

They use a quota system regarding gala officials. Each club must provide a quota of officials for each gala. This is based on the number of swims entered not on the number of swimmers.

This quota will be set once the entries have been received and clubs are then notified of their duties.

Duties involve team manager, timekeepers, turn-judge, line-up, attendance at technical meeting the evening before National galas etc.

Failure to provide officials means that the swimmers are excluded from that session. At National Galas failure to provide officials means the swimmers are excluded from the rest of the gala and the club may also incur a fine from Swim Ireland.

Unfortunately there have been increasing number of times this season where the parent rostered for gala duty has not turned up or failed to arrange a replacement.

The Committee has discussed this issue and considers it totally unacceptable. The Committee has decided to introduce sanctions to be applied to swimmers where their parents declined to carry out a gala duty or have not turned up for gala duty or organized a replacement which will come into immediate effect.

Where a parent fails to turn up for gala duty or declines to carry a gala duty their son/daughter will be excluded from the rest of the session.

They will not be allowed entry to any future gala until their parent gives written undertaking to complete any duty they may be rostered at galas and in the event they are unable attend gala that they nominate another parent to carry out their duties for them and enclose a written acceptance from that parent that they are willing to cover both their own and the other parent’s duty.

Gala Officials

Attendance at some galas is dependent upon the Club providing gala officials (usually Leinster and National galas). All parents of swimmers attending a gala are required to make themselves available to act as gala officials for each gala which their children attend. Usually, the parents are asked to act as timekeepers for a session or part of a session. Timekeeping is usually carried out by two people in each lane. Due to electronic timekeeping at most galas, the duty is not very onerous. The Club can be fined for failure to provide gala officials, in which case the fine will be passed on to the parent who did not fulfil their gala rota duty.

Team Manager

The role and duties of the Team Manager at a gala are as follows:

  • Liaise between the Club and the gala officials
  • Supervise the Club team members while poolside
  • Submit scratch sheets to the gala organisers prior to the commencement of the gala
  • Collect the heat sheets from the gala organisers and make sure each swimmer knows the event they will be competing in and the lanes in which they will be swimming
  • Ensure each swimmer lines up for their event in a timely manner
  • Only the Team Manager will be permitted to make representation/complaints etc to the gala organisers on behalf of the Kilkenny Swim Team swimmer
  • Submit a written report to the Club Committee if there are any incidents at the gala which should be brought to the Committee’s attention