Our Policies and Procedures:
The following Forms consist of the policies and procedures that the Kilkenny swim club align with:

General Policies and Procedures

Constitution of Kilkenny Swim Club (subject to change) – Click Here

Kilkenny Swim Club Handbook (subject to change) – Click Here

Kilkenny SC Child Safety Statement – Click Here

Communication Policy – Click Here

Recruitment Policy – Click Here

Travelling Policy – Click Here 

Away Trips Policy – Click Here

Complaints, Disciplinary, Rules and Procedures – Click Here

Safeguarding Refresher Training – Click Here

Child Safeguarding

Swim Ireland Safeguarding Policies – Click Here

Kilkenny SC Child Safety Statement – Click Here

Children First – National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children – Click Here

Recognising and Reporting Child Abuse Policy – Click Here

Social Services Contacts 2021 – Click Here

Safeguarding Roles – Click Here

Poor Practice and Whistleblowing – Click Here

Anti Bullying Promise and Policy – Click Here

Filming and Photography Policy – Click Here

Physical Contact Policy – Click Here

Vetting Policy – Click Here 

Supervision Policy – Click Here

Codes of Conduct – Click Here

Recruitment Policy – Click Here

Swim Ireland

We seek to align with the following guidance from Swim Ireland:

Swim Ireland Rule Book – Click Here

Swim Ireland Policy page – Click Here