Change To Gala Entry Procedure!

Gala Entry Procedure

  • Forthcoming galas will be announced via the club noticeboard and website only-no club emails will be sent
  • Entries processed only if received in the club box by 5pm on deadline day
  • Entries without payment will not be accepted
  • Entries without a Swim Ireland number will not be accepted
  • No email or text entries accepted as these are without payment
  • Entries sent directly to the hosting club will not be processed by Kilkenny Swimming Club

Swimming Galas Explained

  • Club Gala (Kilkenny or other). See
    • Suitable for (A), B, C, competent D squad members.
    • Can enter with no previous time for a distance/stroke.
  • Regional (Leinster Gala). See
    • Graded or Distance Galas with electronic timing.
    • Short Course (25m pool) (Sep-Dec) or Long Course (50m pool) (Jan-July)
    • Suitable for A, B, advanced C squad members.
    • Qualifying times generally required.
    • Age grouped (Leinster Division 1 or 2), or
    • Open entry (awards not divided into age categories)
  • National (Swim Ireland). See
    • Elite swimmers with qualification times.
    • SC (Sep-Dec), LC (Jan-July)
    • Age grouped (Irish Age Groups Division 1 or 2), or
    • Open entry (Dave McCullogh, Irish Open Championships)