B Squad

  • About
    Members of this Squad are usually promoted from the C Squad. All swimmers must be registered with Swim Ireland (form available to download here). To be promoted to this Squad all swimmers must achieve at least two B times. Generally swimmers should not spend more than twelve months in this Squad; however this can be dependent on age and on the amount of space available in the A Squad. Swimmers who fail to show reasonable and considerable progress may be asked to leave. Generally swimmers are given a maximum of four terms in the B Squad in which to achieve their A times. Swimmers with one A time who have reached their 11th birthday may be offered an extra session with the A Squad to improve their chances of attaining a second A time.
  • Coach
    Liam O’Connell
  • Training Times
    Monday 5.30pm-7.30pm, Wednesday 5.30am-7.30am, Sunday 8.00am-10.00pm