Please click HERE to see Swim Ireland’s “Supervision Policy” for Squad Training. This applies to C1, C2, B & A Squads.


Training sessions
There must be a pool/dry-land supervision rota for coaching and teaching activities. Providing a rota system for a parent/lifeguard/leader to supervise each teaching/coaching session for children reduces the risks to both children and adults and ensures someone is on hand for any emergency that might arise.

The following points must be observed:

  • The rota must be organised in advanced and communicated to all involved – this can be via a Club website, noticeboard or accepted method used by the Club
  • An individual on the rota is responsible for their own replacement in the event they cannot fulfil their obligation
  • Contact details for all individuals on the rota should be available to coaching/teaching staff concerned (these details should be kept confidential and available for those that need them)
  • The coach/teacher must be able to rely on the parent/supervisor being present, some sessions take place at more vulnerable times e.g. early morning pool sessions
  • The parent/supervisor should arrive at a reasonable time before the session starts and must remain with any teaching/coaching staff until all the children are collected. The responsibility lies with the parent to be on time to collect their children in line with the codes of conduct.
  • Thank you for your co-operation in this matter of Child Safety.