Pool Duty Requirements

Parental pool duty is a mandatory requirement of Swim Ireland. If no parent attends at a session the club/coach is obliged to terminate that session.

In the event that a parent wishes to swap dates with another parent, this is acceptable and is a matter for that parent to arrange. All sessions must be covered.

When on pool duty you should:-

  • Identify yourself to the Coach conducting the training sessions as the person who will be performing Pool Duty
  • Stay on the pool side for the full duration of the session and remain until all swimmers have left the poolside.
  • The only people allowed on the poolside are the coaches and person on pool duty. Please ensure that all other parents/guardians remain in the gallery area unless requested by the coach or the parent on pool duty to go to the poolside
  • Attend to a child’s needs if the child feels ill or has difficulty with goggles etc.
  • Distribute notes/Gala entry forms as requested by the coach.
  • Assist the coach whenever requested by the coach.
  • Do not interfere with the coach’s programme and do not discipline swimmers.
  • Report any incidents of concern to a committee member after the session
  • Child Welfare guidelines are available from Swim Ireland website and can be accessed and/or downloaded by swimmers, leaders and parents by clicking on the download link below
  • Sanctions will be imposed on swimmers whose parents have failed to be present for organised session of pool duty. More details can be found on the download link below

Swim Ireland Code Of Conduct

Sanctions For Non-Attendance Of Parents At Pool Duty