Conduct and Safety


All swimmers have the opportunity to train properly and in safety during all of each session. Swimmers will be divided into training lanes based on both speed and stamina and depend on each other to ensure that the various sets are properly executed. Swimmers who do not put in their best effort throughout the sessions prevent others from doing so and of course this practice is unacceptable. All swimmers are therefore expected to train at all times to their full potential. If a swimmer is unwell or excessively tired during a session this should be communicated to the coach who will make the appropriate arrangements. Swimmers are expected to carry out the instructions of the coach at all times. Rest periods, intake of liquids, achieving target times etc., are all important elements of the training programmes. Punctuality, being adequately prepared for each session and having the required equipment are all essential if swimmers are to derive the full benefit from the session.

The safety of our swimmers is paramount. The Club cannot tolerate any form of horseplay either in the pool area, in the showers or dressing rooms. Proper respect must be shown for all equipment and fixtures – sitting or standing on lane ropes can result in damage to the ropes but also can result in serious injury. Water bottles, floats or pull buoys should not be kicked or thrown. It is the policy of the Club to keep rules and regulations to a minimum but the Club is obliged to provide an environment in which committed, conscientious swimmers have an opportunity to realise their full potential. Coaches have been instructed to report any or all breaches of discipline without delay. In addition, coaches may at their own discretion request any swimmer who fails to comply with their instructions to leave the water and may request the Club to suspend or expel any swimmer who, in their opinion, is interfering with the proper execution of the training programme.


Parents/Guardians have the primary responsibility for the care and welfare of their children. The Club is responsible for swimmers on the pool deck only. Once the swimmers leave the pool deck and enter the changing village, they become the responsibility of their parents. Please note that supervision of the changing village is the responsibility of the Watershed and not the Swimming Club.
It is important that parents drop and collect children at the appropriate times for their swim sessions. Parents are advised to ensure that young swimmers wait to be collected in the pool lobby (which is supervised by the staff of the Watershed) rather than in the car park (which is not supervised).