About Us

Kilkenny Swimming Club is a long established swimming club based in the City of Kilkenny. It currently operates from The Watershed on the outskirts of the City.

It has over 200 members and is always pleased to receive new enthusiastic beginners.

The club provides an opportunity for anyone interested in competitive swimming to receive professional coaching and instruction.

It supports all members to achieve their potential by setting challenging goals, by encouragement and dedicated support.

The Club has members at all levels of swimming; from beginner to international competitor.

There are seven squads, with experienced coaches who have helped hundreds of children and adults to improve their swimming and compete at a high level.

The Club prides itself on providing an enjoyable, friendly and safe environment for all members to pursue their athletic goals.

It always welcomes new members and trials are held at the beginning of each term. Details of trials will be posted in the upcoming events section of the website so keep an eye out if your are interested!

Club Captains

Each year the A and B squads swimmers elect two Club Captains and two vice Club Captains, two to represent girls and two to represent boys. The election usually takes place during the autumn term with the announcement of the successful candidates made at Christmas time. Swimmers who have reached the age of 15 years are eligible to put their names forward. All swimmers in A and B Squads are eligible to vote since the role of the Captains is to provide a role model for the younger swimmers and to offer support and advice. They also act as a liaison between the swimmers and the Committee. Any swimmer that is concerned about any issue can talk to their Club Captain about it. They can also ask the Captain to bring their concerns to the attention of the Club Committee.

Our Club Captains are Naomi Trait and Conor Johnson were elected in the Autumn of 2020 along with the vice club captains Niamh Ahearne and Aidan Cook.

Girls Captain

Naomi Trait

Girls Vice Captain

Niamh Ahearne

Boys Captain

Conor Johnson – Legend

Boys Vice Captain

Aidan Cook

The Committee

Thomas Marry

Rosaleen White
086 8644004

Membership Secretary


Website Management

Thomas Marry

Genral Committee Members

Nicola Vaughan
Rick Pretorius
Niamh McCullagh
Shay Bollard
Emmet McAviney
Olive O’Connor
Olivia Brennan
Nicky Cook
Lorraine Carroll
Deirdre Foley

Pool Duty Rosters

A Squad: David Hogan
B Squad: David Hogan
C Squad: Shay Bollard


Olivia Cuddihy
086 2212990

Gala Secretary

PJ Trait

086 6042042

Public Relations Officer

Shay Bollard

086 3082599

Child Children’s Officer

Georgina Bowen
087 6351148

Barbara Matanovic
087 2910573


Swim Club lessons and trials

Olivia Cuddihy
086 2212990

Coaching Staff

A Squad: John Duffy (Head Coach)
B Squad: Liam O Connel
C Squad: Breda Collins