Important Gala Information

For every Gala, the Club appoints a Team Manager who is in charge on the day. The Club also endeavours to ensure that a coach is present for each gala, although this may not always be the case. Swimmers should report to the Team Manager and the coach (if present) when they arrive at the pool and before they leave. Swimmers should wear a Club hat for each race. They should also wear Club gear when poolside as much as possible. Swimmers are expected to remain with their team for the duration of the gala and support their team mates in each race. Any swimmer who, having entered a gala, decides not to swim at the gala or decides not to swim in one or more event, must notify the Team Manager prior to the commencement of the gala. Failure to do so may result in the Club being fined by the gala organisers, in which case the fine will be passed on by the Club to the relevant swimmer and will be payable by them or their parents. Any swimmers taking part in medal ceremonies are required to wear their Club gear.

All swimmers entering Galas must be a fully paid up member of Swim Ireland for the current year. It is not sufficient just to have filled in the form.

Payment of €50 is required for registration and cheques can be made payable to Kilkenny Swimming Club. You can download a form by clicking on the link below.

Swim Ireland Registration Form